Weekend Getaway

Last week my good friend invited me away for the weekend with her and her partner and adorable little bub! I at first thought oh no I can’t go, but then thought actually YES I can and I will. I am going to be spontaneous and HAVE FUN!! So I packed up my overnight bag and gorgeous puppy and we jumped in the car and set off…



It was only an hour and a half drive to get to our destination so it was perfect, not too long but far enough away to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

As soon as we got there I instantly felt relaxed. We went inside to our little cabin which was so cute with a white balcony. My puppy Daisy and my friends baby Lilli have met several times before but on this trip they instantly become best of friends. It was SO beautiful to watch them together. Lilli is only 6 months old and is just starting to sit up and get a lot of cute expressions of her own. She was besotted with Daisy and loved her giving big sloppy kisses, which made her erupt into fits of giggles. We all sat there totally in love and laughed and laughed as we watched them bond.

We then got settled on our little balcony and took in the peaceful views. Our other friends then arrived and so we cracked open a drink (yes it was only midday) but hey…we were away on a mini vaccay! Another thing I love about being away in small country towns is you don’t have too worry about dressing up! I was so comfy and relaxed in my jeans, top, scarf and havianas. After a few drinks we decided to make our way down to the beach and have a BBQ in the park above the water.

We stayed down there for hours, it was fabulous. The guys played footy and games with the kids and us girls lay on the grass and gossiped whilst sipping on vino! We then cooked up a feast and enjoyed a late lunch. It was a a beautiful warm day so we also managed to soak up some sun.

After this we then made our way back to our cabin and had a few more drinks while watching the sun set from our balcony. The evening air was starting to get a chill to it so we put on some warmer clothes and decided to head out for dinner. As only small country towns can, there was a cute little country club/pub so off we went. It was your traditional old school country club with pokie machines and old men. We got a large table to fit all of us and went to the old fashioned kitchen to place our orders. There was your usual pub food on offer, schnitzels, surf and turf, fish and chips, etc. So we sat for a few hours, ate way too much and drank more wine (yes more). We then made our way back to the cabin VERY full and very tired! We all turned in for an early night.

I awoke early the next morning so decided to make my way into town to buy us all some breakfast. When I stepped outside I took in the cold and fresh morning air. The country air has such an amazingly clear smell to it, i LOVE it! On my way into town I had the pleasure of seeing the sun rise. It was oh SO beautiful and truly breathtaking. I was pleased I was up early enough to see it!

After we had had a quick breaky we packed up our cars and made the journey home. I left there feeling TRULY happy and relaxed! I am so so pleased I went. I loved laughing so hard with amazing friends which I am so blessed to have! It was once again one of those moments when I said to myself WOW life is good and I am happy and at peace!

It is funny how the simplest of things can do you the world of good!! Even a quick getaway to the country can relax and re group you. I highly recommend doing this when you next have the chance. Sometimes the spontaneous decisions can turn out to be the best ones!

Stay Fabulous!

Courtney xx



  1. September 3, 2012 / 1:29 pm

    Sounds like just the weekend I need! So lucky with our gorgeous weather over the weekend huh!

    P.S Daisy is so damn fluffffffffy!

    • September 5, 2012 / 3:30 am

      Wasn’t the weather just amazing? It was actually pretty warm on Saturday! HEHE daisy is such a fluff ball, just a little teddy really 🙂 xx

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