5 Mascaras Under $40

Well ladies….who doesn’t love having luscious long lashes that go for miles and finish of your make-up look in a dramatic fashion?! Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed enough to be born with this look so hey….no harm in enlisting a little help…. a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

We all have different preferences to how we like our lashes to look… long, plump, spread out, defined, curly…and the list goes on…Here are 5 different types of mascara which you can pick up for under $40, you are bound to find at least one in the bunch that will get you the look you’re after! I have found that expensive doesn’t always mean great when it comes to mascara. Don’t get me wrong, I like my high end cosmetics as much as the next girl, but when it comes to my make-up bag I have discovered you can mix and match products from all different brands and price ranges and get a fabulous look! i tend to buy better quality primer, foundation, blush and highlighter and then pick up some bargains on things like mascara, eye shadow and lipstick.

What are you waiting for…get shopping so you can start fluttering those lovely lashes!

MAC Studio Fix – $33.00


Maybelline Volum’Express Falsies – $16.70

Too Faced Size Queen – $31.95

Napoleon Long Black – $35.00

Rimmel Volume Flash $11.85


Stay Fabulous!

Courtney xx

Do you have a favourite mascara that you can’t go past?

I would love to hear your tricks for getting amazing, dramatic eyes!



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