Sun Kissed Tan

Well ladies….summer is coming…..and quickly, so this means it is time to get our tan on!! Unfortunately I was not blessed with naturally brown skin (very jealous of you girls who were) so what does this mean….FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT BABY!!

Trust me when I say I have tried every type of tan on the market, professional spray tans, tinted moisturisers, home spray tans and more. You name it, I have tried it! And with all this experimenting comes trial and error, and don’t worry I sure have had some errors eeeek *cringe*. What I have discovered lately is the gradual tanners or tinted moisturisers are absolutely the best way to go. It allows you to do it yourself at home with a no fuss, quick and easy application. It doesn’t stain your clothes and sheets and is PERFECT if you don’t have time to go and get a professional spray tan before that special event. I simply apply mine before bed and voila…I wake up looking like a new woman 🙂

There are so many different brands of tanning products available these days it can be very daunting. Below are my fave picks of the ones out there. Happy Tanning Ladies!!

This is by far my favourite!! It is available in normal to darker skin or fair to normal skin so no matter what your colouring preference there is one for you!

This Garnier beauty is not only great for tanning but will also deeply moisturise your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

St Tropez….a well known and respected brand that knowbody can go past. Will give you a glow worthy of the St Tropez lifestyle.

Palmers Cocoa Butter- This stuff smells amaaazzzinnng, so not only will you look great but you will smell like you have just come off a tropical island with coconuts.

Enjoy the start of summer ladies!!

Stay Fabulous!

Courtney xx



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