Skull Wardrobe Pieces

Skull Wardrobe Pieces

I’ve got to tell you I didn’t always like the skull look… And I still don’t like it on everything but it has grown on me a lot! And dare I say it I actually have a few pieces in my wardrobe! I am such a girly girl who loves all things pink and pretty so this has shocked me a lot!

I prefer to incorporate it subtly like maybe on a scarf of piece of jewellery but when putting together this post I stumbled across some really cool pieces of clothing. Alexander McQueen definitely displays the look the best. Always keeping it stylish and on trend he never seems to get it wrong.

Here are a few skull pieces I have found and thought you might love them too 🙂 Enjoy!

1: Dotti Jumper – $49.95

2: Diva Keyring – $5.00

3: Alexander McQueen Scarf – $285.00 ( I have one of these and adoreeee it)

4: Alexander McQueen Purse – $675.00

5: Modcloth Top – $42.00

6: Pixie Market Pastel Earrings – $11.00

7: Cotton On Scarf – $14.95

8: Modcloth Blouse -$49.00

9: Diva Rose Gold Bracelet – $6.50

10: NastyGal Knit – $66.00

Have you got any skull pieces in your wardrobe??

If so where did you get them? Share the love so we can all have some skulls in our life 🙂



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