Cake Beauty

Cake Beauty

Cakeeeeeee….. Who doesn’t love it? The taste, the smell, the look…. Nomnomnom! I think we can all agree that cake’s are not just for birthdays. Now you can have cake in your life every day thanks to Cake Beauty.



As the years go on and we get more and more busy we have less time to get ready in the morning (well at least I know I do anyway). I’m sure you have all used at least one brand of dry shampoo and hair styling products in the past. Dry shampoo can be a saviour on those days when you slept in, or forgot to wash your hair. Cake Beauty has a range of products to help get you out the door faster, looking and feeling sweet as a slice of your favourite cake!

I recently purchased two of their products which I will chat about below. Again they have many amazing products from hair care to bronzer to bath products so be sure to check their website out or keep an eye out in select stores.

Ok firstly can we talk about the packaging. I am a sucker for pretty packaging, that alone is probably enough to suck me in (whoops)! Its PINK and white, so what’s not to love?! It’s super cute, they also do gift sets which would be perfect for a special someone in your life.

The ‘Do Gooder Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray 


Ever used a dry shampoo that left your hair feeling heavy, dusty and just plain gross? Well not this one! It is residue free, so although I do give it a quick brush through my hair, it doesn’t really need it. You aren’t left with that awkward white powder on your head that makes you look about 20 years older.

What I also love about this dry shampoo is if you do have your hair styled, it will help to hold that style – yes that’s right ladies you can extend that gorgeous hair salon look for a couple of extra days! Its also great at adding some extra bounce to your locks. No more lifeless, flat hair. This product will give your hair that little bit of extra volume it needs to get you through the day.

My favourite part of this dry shampoo? IT SMELLS LIKE CAKE!! Just as the name would indicate, it really does leave you smelling sweet and delicious. It makes me smile throughout the day when I get a whiff of my hair smelling so delectable.


The Wave Maker Texturizing Beach Spray 


Bed hair as some may call it, that naturally tousled hair that looks like you’re on a fabulous vacation and have been enjoying the sun and sand all day.

This wave maker spray from Cake is fantastic if you don’t have time to use a curling wand and just want to add some natural waves to your hair. I just used mine on dry hair, it also helped to add volume and I messed it up with my hands. You can also use on wet hair, simply spray in and scrunch through your hair and then let it dry. Something tells me this would make the waves any more intense. Alternatively you can use a styling tool to curl your hair and then spray this on and scrunch your curls so give them a lasting look.

This is a fun change in style, especially for someone like me who always wears their hair straight. I love this spray because it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave you feeling dry and brittle. And of course the scrumptious smell of the spray doesn’t hurt either, sweet as can be!

I am looking forward to trying out some other Cake products, and I highly recommend all you babes go and grab some for yourself. Let me know what you think once you’ve tried them.



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