The Perfect Pair of Jeans

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

The Perfect pair of Jeans…. do they even exist?! For years, ladies all of the world have been on the quest for the right pair of jeans. This is one of life’s greatest challenges, not too tight, sits at the right height, the right colour, shapes you well, doesn’t fall down, blah blah blah… I have tried just about every brand of jean known to man kind and Iv’e never really found one I love…. until now that is…. Three words for you… Feather & Noise!



For those of you who don’t know, I am an Australian living in Canada so when this Aussie brand popped up on my insta feed I felt compelled to check them out. Be warned…. if you head to their site you won’t make it out alive not having spent any money. I WANT IT ALL was my initial thought! They have a big selection of everything from dresses, basics, tops, accessories, denim and more. It’s such a versatile range of goodies and is sure to please everyone. Weekend basics for running errands and having brunch, that perfect spring dress for that birthday party, or that cozy knit for those chilly fall days by the fire.

Although I wanted to drop my credit card and order the whole site, I had to show some restraint so for my first order I got 2 pairs of jeans and have since ordered another 3 different styles of jeans. I must admit I was a little worried, as I couldn’t try them on and they were coming all the way from Australia I thought, what if they don’t fit, what if I don’t like them, what if….

HALLELUJAH…. I LOVE THEM!!! And….. bonus… they fit, and well at that! I am pretty tall I guess, about 5 ft 10 so i like my jeans to be more on the higher waited end. I ordered the black Coco Jean and the mid blue Tash Jean. I now also have the Andy Jean, Coated Coco Jean and Lena Cargo Jogger. What I love about all these jeans, particularly the Coco and Andy, is there is a lot of stretchiness to them so you don’t have to do that crazy dance around the house (come on you know the one) just to get into them. They slip on with minimal fuss and have a nice soft feel to them. For me they sit in the perfect spot on my waist. We all need a go to pair of black jeans to see us through all the seasons, this is definitely mine now. I love the Coated Coco for evening wear, its a little more dressy.

The Tash Jean is the perfect distressed pair you have been searching for. Its got just the right amount of rips without having that overly worn look. The denim on these is a little thicker than the Coco but still super soft and flexible. They look great rolled up at the bottom with some cons or full length for evening wear with a pair of wedges or heels. They come in a mid or lighter shade of denim as well as a black. If you aren’t a distressed kinda gal, never fear as they come without the rips as well. I recently added the Andy Jean to my collection and I think this is my fave for the blue denim choices, it has an even more subtle rip on each knee and sits a little higher on the waist then the Tash. If you are a taller girl you are going to be obsessed with these. They shape you perfectly and hug in all the best places. Super super soft and comfy for casual weekends. I also wanted to talk about the Lena Cargo Jogger, although this isn’t your typical “jean” its a jean/jogger. I love my jogger style pants and these are no exception. They are just thick enough without being uncomfortable, come nice and high on the waist and offer a far more relaxed look than jeans. I wore them recently when travelling and they were great on the flight. I got them in the black, because… you know! But they also some in a few other colours. These looked great with a tee knotted at the front and some kicks.

I really like the price points at Feather & Noise as well, in my books $79.00 for a comfy pair of jeans is a steal. The have a sale section on their site as well so be sure to keep an eye out for plenty of bargains. Andddd they ship to several places across the world so if you aren’t in Aus don’t stress.

Below is a snapshot of my fave items currently on the site. Get in quick before they walk out the door!

Happy Shopping!



Miller Biker Jacket


Sable Tie Front Knit


Alexander Long Sleeve 


Gypsy Sister Skirt


Delilah Maxi Dress


Karlie Kimono

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