Inside My Make-Up Bag!

Inside My Make-Up Bag!

A ladies make-up bag is probably one of her most prized possessions… am I right?! Well today I’m giving you a sneak peek inside mine. Incase you are on the hunt for some new products to try or want to shake up your make-up look, I’ll be sharing my fave products with you and talking about why I love these items so much.

I feel like we all have our staple items that we wear all year round, and haven’t changed in ages. These are good things to have and if you know something works well on your skin, why change it. That being said I like to also have a few items in my beauty bag that I change up every once in a while. This keeps my look fresh and also allows be to try different products out there to maybe find something I like even more than what I’m using now.

As I have got older I find myself gravitating more towards better quality make-up products and thinking of them more as an investment. Along with your skin care routine I feel that your make-up is just second most important as if you are putting crappy products on your face this will show, not only in the way they last throughout the day but the way your face reacts to them. Everyone has different skin types and prefers different things but the below is what I am currently using at the moment and loving.

I would love to hear your feedback on any particular products that you are loving and why!

strobe cream

1: Strobe Cream – MAC

I have tried a few different primers in my time but I really like this one as it’s great for moisturizing skin and helping to liven up tired or dull faces. It instantly brightens and gives a nice glow. I put this on as my base on days when I want my look to last a little longer.


2: Select Cover-Up Concealer – MAC

This concealer is a good one as it doesn’t crease, is not too heavy and it instantly brightens tired eyes for those days when we need a little help!


3: Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation – MAC

Personally I like a matte foundation that does not give a shiny look and this does a great job. I like a good even coverage but don’t want to appear like it’s caked on and this product is great for that. It stays on all day and gives a nice even finish. I really believe in investing in quality foundation if nothing else as this is the base for everything else and in my experience a better foundation goes a long way in making your look. A cheaper one will sometimes cause you to break out and appear oily especially in photos. It’s worth the money, trust me!

too faced

4: Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer – Too Faced

I have tried and tested pretty much all of the Too Faced bronzers and I love love love them! This one is particularly good for a more fair skin tone like mine. I tend to just mix my brush around the whole palette and then apply it, then gives a nice bronzed look without being too dark. If I have body bronzer on and want my face to look a little darker than normal I just apply a bit more. It gives you the perfect bronzed look, as if you have just returned from an exotic vacation 🙂


5: Powder Blush (Colour: Blushbaby) – MAC

This is my go to, everyday blush. It’s a matte so won’t give you any shimmer and is perfect for basic wear. I have the Blushbaby colour but it comes in a variety of colours to suit your skin tone.


6: Mineralize Skinfinish (Colour: Soft & Gentle) MAC

I love to use this gorgeous powder to highlight certain points of my face, especially if I’m heading out at night. It can also be used for other parts of the body such as your collarbone. If you prefer to use it all over your face rather than to highlight you can but ensure you brush lightly as it will give you quite a sparkle. I adore the glamorous shimmer this gives you. It makes you feel extra beautiful. This is for sure a must have for those times when you want a little something extra to your everyday blush.


7: Anastasia Original Contour Kit

This year I have added this fabulous contour kit to my collection. To be honest I feel like I haven’t fully used it to it’s full capacity as I am a little afraid. I’m no professional and I am a little unsure about how to contour “correctly”. That being said what I have used from the palette has been amazing. It gave a subtle contour to my cheekbones and other key areas. I felt it was a very reasonable price point for a whole kit. Anastasia does a few different palettes so I definitely recommend checking them out.


8: Voluminous Eyelash Primer – Loréal 

I have done a blog post on this product and the matching mascara previously (You can find it here) So I won’t go on about it too much. But I love love love it! You prime your face right, so why not your eyelashes?! I find this makes my lashes so much longer and more luscious. It is a fantastic base for your mascara and keeps it looking extra good.


9: Voluminous Mascara – Loréal

Personally I don’t invest a lot in my mascaras, I tend to just buy cheaper ones. Why? Because I would rather spend the money on other make up products and I go through so much of it I just don’t think it’s worth it. Also I like to try several different brands and types to see what I like so by just getting cheaper ones it allows me to do this without feeling guilty. That being said I have tried A LOT of different ones and this is by FAR my fave! It is perfect amount of length, curl and volume that Iv’e been looking for. Can’t recommend enough! OH and Kim K and her glam team used it for a long time so if it’s good enough for her it’s good enough for me. haha!


10: Brow Stylist Plumper – Loréal

I recently discovered this eyebrow colour and LOVE it! I personally prefer this to a pencil as I find it easier to apply, plus it gives a much thicker and better coverage than a pencil. It is essentially like a mascara but for your eyebrows. The wand is slightly smaller than mascara but it glides on really easily and you can make it as light or full as you like. AND it stays on so so well. I have the Light/Medium one but if you have darker hair there is another one or two shades I believe.


11: Jumbo Eye Pencil – NYX

I of course love my black eye liner as much as the next girl but this NYX one is great for creating a softer smoky eye. I love this one as its easy to apply, is sort of more like a crayon and is not as “harsh” as a super sharp pencil. It comes in a heap of different colours. I apply it a lot under my eye and sometimes on the top as well and will blend with my eyeshadow. Highly recommend!


12: Naked 2 Basic Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay

I think we all know Urban Decay so it needs no introduction. They have a range of eyeshadow palettes which of course I want every single one of. I started with this particular one and it’s amazing. Its a good every day one. There are some softer shades perfect for daywear but also some darker ones made for a sultry smokey eye. Also these smaller sized palettes are fantastic for travelling. Do yourself a favour and if you don’t already own one, go grab it!


13: Lipstick – MAC

Again, I don’t think I need to give the MAC lipsticks much explanation at they speak for themselves. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. I have several colours which are all gorgeous. Velvet Teddy and Snob are my fave nudey/pinks for everyday work wear. But I also love my plums, reds etc for a but more va va voom at night. They are SUCH a reasonable price point and stay on so so well. Like almost too well. With the darker colours you will be trying to get them off the next day haha. LOVE!


14: Prep + Prime Fix – MAC

The HOLY GRAIL of all MAC products. You have just spent all this time doing your lovely make up and you want it to last right? Well this is your go to product then! It sets your make up and helps it last that bit longer as well is lovely and refreshing to spray on. It gives you a nice healthy glow and makes your skin look positively radiant. I love to use it when travelling even on the plane to make me feel more awake and like my face is looking half decent. If you don’t already own this, run don’t walk!

WHOAAAA I think that’s it! Hope you enjoyed a look inside my beauty bag babes!



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