5 ways to use Coconut Oil in your beauty regime

5 ways to use Coconut Oil in your beauty regime

I’m going loco for coconuts! Not only are they delicious to eat or enjoy in a piña colada but they are super helpful to use as part of your beauty regime!!

What I love most about this product is it’s SO good for your skin, like insanely so! Especially if you get the organic brands you know that what you’re putting on your skin is completely natural and free from additives. Its also cheap, you can buy a huge jar which lasts for ages and it will only set you back about $15. It’s nice to have at least one product we can use to nourish our face and bodies that doesn’t cost a fortune!

Below are some ways I have found Coconut Oil to be extremely beneficial and also super easy to use at home.



1: Body Scrub


Even parts coconut oil to sugar. The more course the sugar the better in my opinion

Juice of half a lemon


Mix all ingredients together well in an airtight container you can store the scrub in.

It doesn’t really matter how much you make so the quantities don’t have to be exact. However I would recommend making slightly smaller batches and then topping it up when needed. This just keeps it fresh.


I love this body scrub as I can just apply it easily in the shower. It is fantastic for getting rid of dead skin, especially on problem areas such as elbows and feet. Its also a really great way to scrub off tanning lotion and a perfect exfoliant to prep your skin for your next spray tan.


2: Hair Mask


1-3 tablespoons coconut oil (depending on the length of your hair)

2-3 drops of essential oils (any type you like). Peppermint oil is delicious smelling and also known to help stimulate hair growth


Mix ingredients together in a bowl until a liquid like paste forms

Rub this through your hair, can be dry or damp

Leave it on for a minimum of 1 hour. Preferably overnight if you can. You can wrap a towel around your head of place on your pillow while you sleep if you like.

Wash out in the shower the next day. I usually shampoo my hair once, maybe even twice to ensure all the oil is out.


3: Body Lotion


Equal parts coconut oil and body lotion

Optional – Few drops of essential oil


Mix both ingredients together and store in airtight container

Apply any time to the body, immediately after getting out of the shower is the best time

You can use any body lotion you may already have at home


Will nourish your body like no other and leave your skin feeling subtle and smooth. It will soak in really well to give a deep moisturization.


4: Make Up Remover

The easiest way to use coconut oil.

Simply rub some on your face to cleanse and remove make up.

If you are just looking to remove eye make up just take a cotton pad and dab in the oil, then simply rub over your eyes to remove make up. Finish off by cleaning up excess make up under the eye with the pad.


5: Nail and Cuticle Recovery Solution

For all you girls who have regular gel polish or something similar on your nails I’m sure you notice it leaves your poor nails feeling brittle and under nourished. The price we pay for beauty eh…This is a great easy and quick solution you can do at home once your polish comes off, to help bring your tired nails and cuticles back to life.


2 tablespoons of coconut oil

2-3 drops of vitamin E oil


Mix ingredients together in a small bowl

Apply mixture to each nail and cuticle area

Leave on for as long as possible. 30 minutes minimum but overnight would be wonderful. You can buy some of those moisturizing gloves if you want to sleep with it on and are worried about it getting on your sheets.


Tip: If I am out of all of these other ingredients I simply use just the coconut oil on it’s own in the shower. I just put some in the palm of my hands and rub together until it dissolves a little, then apply to face and body. SO quick and easy and leaves you feeling like a goddess afterwards.


Have you used coconut oil for any beauty treatments?

How have you found it beneficial? 




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