Linktree….And why you need it now!

Linktree….And why you need it now!

Going to keep this post short & sweet but this is a PSA which you all need to hear! Linktree, have you heard of it? I hadn’t until recently but boy am I glad I discovered it.

Linktree is a website that allows you to create an account for free. You can then create a profile to include any links you like. I chose to do my Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and a Latest Blog Post.

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This may sound pretty basic but the cool part comes next…. What you can then do is put ONE link in your Instagram profile BIO. This one link will then take people to your Linktree Profile and they will then be able to click on any link you have made visible. This is MAJOR guys! This means you no longer have to choose just one social channel to publish on your Instagram. If you are a business, influencer, brand etc you can now promote all your sites and give your followers easy access to all things YOU!

You can customise your Linktree to contain whatever information is most important to your brand. It might be a contact me button, shop here button, youtube channel, the list goes on. Although Linktree is free to use there is also a Pro version, for $6 per month you can get access to extra features such as custom branding, custom page title, more analytics, and in my opinion the most amazing feature which is being able to schedule links to go live ahead of time. This means when you have a blog post scheduled to go live you can set Linktree to post the link at the same time. Saving you so much extra work!

I definitely recommend hopping over to Linktree if you have a brand and have multiple channels you work with. This is super super easy to use and will give you so much more freedom when it comes to reaching your audience!

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