My Go To Photo Editing Apps

My Go To Photo Editing Apps

The perfect insta photo, something we would all love to create with just the snap of a button but sometimes things aren’t always in our favour.

Lighting, people getting in the way, shadows, our table isn’t quite white enough and the list goes on. I get asked a lot about how I edit my photos so now I am letting you in on my secrets. Read on to find out!

Ok so let’s be honest there are so many apps out there in the market for photo editing that I could be here all day going through them all with you. I am just going to run through my top 5 apps and why I like each one. Hopefully this will be helpful to you all when creating your pictures!


1: Lightroom

This is my HOLY GRAIL of picture editing apps. I use it for pretty much every single photo I upload to insta. Why you ask?

My favourite tool in this app is “white” this is something I use a lot a lot a lot. I really like to have my white WHITE haha so this is perfect. If your item is on a white table or you have white bed sheets or a white wall it will often photograph looking not so good, more yellow than white. With this tool you can adjust the level of white to look how you like. It works wonders seriously. If only everything in my house looked that white in real life!

The other tool that is great is the “black” which doesn’t necessarily do what you think it may. If used in conjunction with the white tool this can be used to brighten and whiten your photo.

“Vibrance” is probably my next favourite tool in this app. Does exactly as it says it will, really makes the colours in your photo POP and they are a lot more eye catching.

The whole app is really great but those are my top features that I use on a daily basis. Below is a before and after food shot. You can see the before is almost grey on the background and the food isn’t as eye catching and vibrant. But PS now I’m hungry for some of my homemade granola (blog post with the recipe is linked here)




2: Pic Collage

Pretty much exactly as it reads this app is wonderful for creating photo collages. They have set templates you can use to put a selection of pictures into a grid like style but what I primarily use it for it free style collages for the blog.

It is a great way to showcase a range of products or pictures on the one page. You can simply insert as many pictures as you want and it gives you the freedom to adjust each ones size. So some may be larger than others, this is great if you want to show off a particular image.

Another thing I love about this app is you can insert numbers or letters into your image so I use it a lot for numbering products so when I link them on the blog its easy to reference which item I am talking about. You can customise fonts, colours, backgrounds, borders and much more.

I like the fact I can automatically make it a square shape so it fits into instagram if needed. You can make the layout as structured or freehand as you like and really tailor it to what the post requires.

Below is an example of how I have used the app to create a product collage.



3: Squaready

This app is great for adjusting a photo to fit into a square and then posting to Instagram. Although Instagram have a similar feature built into the app it only allows you to adjust slightly. With Squaready you can take any ordinary photo, load it into the app and fit it into a square shape. From there you can then adjust the whole perimeter of the photo around all edges. You can fit it into the square horizontally or diagonally or have even spacing all the way around. Although I prefer nowadays to just take all of my photos in square mode straight from the camera this is great if you forget or for landscape shots when you want to capture a lot of detail that is around you and don’t want to sacrifice any of the photo.


I’m sure most of you have heard of VSCO. There is the basic package which comes with a few different filters and then you can purchase some additional filters if you like.

The range and scale of the filters you can get is a lot more than Instagram or a lot of other apps. There are filters that are ideal for everything from food, to landscape to interiors to people. In addition to this you can adjust the scale on each filter to make it look just how you like. And my fave feature – you can adjust skin tone…give yourself that extra little sun kissed bronze 🙂

My favourite filters are: C1, G3, J6.

5: Lumyer 

This app is more of a fun one to put an interesting spin on your everyday pics. How it works is you load in any of the pictures in your camera roll and then add animations to them. There is everything from butterflies that fly accross the photo to falling snow, rain, campfire, lovehearts and the list goes on.

My favourite one is the hot steam, I use it to modify coffee pics, it gives it a playful spin and just helps mix it up from the norm. You can see an example below of how I have used the app.



I really hope this has given you a little insight into how I edit my photos and can download these apps and start using and loving them as much as I do. There are so many options out there for photo editing and I would love to hear if you have any apps you love or tips you can give for creating that perfect insta worthy shot!

Happy Editing!








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