Bodysuit Round Up

Bodysuit Round Up

Bodysuits… to be honest I kind of cringed a little when I saw them starting to come back into fashion because when I think of bodysuits I think of those 80’s flashdance scene… OH What a feeling, Bein’s believin’…I can have it all, Now I’m dancing for my life…..

But that being said they have definitely grown on me. Why? Because they are easy… ok wait a minute, maybe not the going to the washroom part but the rest haha. When you wear a regular top and tuck it into pants or skirts you frequently get that bunched up look when it starts to ride up and its super annoying when you are trying to look put together or especially in photo’s. With a body suit you don’t get that AT ALL. They sit snug to your body and actually give a pretty slimming look to your torso area.



There are so so many cute styles out at the moment. Long sleeves, sleeveless, lace, ruffles, off the shoulder and the list goes on. This means you can take the look from winter to summer. I recently picked up this cute palm print one from Shein. I am relatively tall (5 ft 10) to I’m gonna be honest and say the length was a little snug for me so what I did was I just tucked it into my skirt and didn’t do it up at the bottom, and this worked perfectly fine. It didn’t become untucked or anything, so this is always an option if you are taller or even if you just don’t like the feeling of having to do and un do it every time you go to the washroom.

The one I picked out is more like a bathing suit material sort of feel, very smooth and easy to wear but if this isn’t your thing there are plenty of other fabrics out there. I love the off the shoulder style in this bodysuit as it’s a little sexy and still cute with the ruffle. The palm print is my absolute JAM right now (another post to come on that later). It’s fun, its flirty, its easy, what else goes a gal need?!



Below is a roundup of some gorgeous bodysuits available at the moment ANDDDD they are all under $50… score!! Hope you enjoy them!

Would love to know if you have recently got yourself a cute bodysuit and how you like to wear it.

Happy Shopping!


1: Asos – Night Slinky Body with High Neck

2: Asos – Rokoko Off The Shoulder

3: Shein – Keyhole Back Polka Dot Mesh

4: Shein – Strappy Neck Embroidered

5: Shein – Surplice Plunging Neck Ruffle

6: Boohoo – Mia Mesh 2 in 1





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