My day and night skincare routine

My day and night skincare routine

Now that I am the big 30 and counting I have definitely become more aware of my skin and taking care of it, the way it deserves! Today I am sharing my day and night skincare routines that have me in and out and back to going about my day in under 5 minutes. Because c’mon ladies, who has time to be rubbing 20 different lotions & potions in?!

I don’t know about you but if my skincare routine is too long or too complicated I’m not going to stick to it. I’m a low fuss kinda gal and I’m always on the hunt for good quality products that are going to do their job with minimal fuss!

I have been using Clarins for a few years now and I’m a huge fan. There are a few reasons why I love it so much.

  • It’s a reasonable price point that wont clear out your bank account to purchase the items you need
  • They last for a decent amount of time (the sizes are generous)
  • They offer products for all skin types and ages – from teens right through until your older years, dry right through to oily
  • It’s sold in a wide variety of places so it easy to get your hands on
  • They frequently run promotions where you can get value packs or extra samples of products when you purchase. This may seem like a small thing but I have discovered so many new products I love this way that I otherwise may not have started using
  • You don’t need a crazy amount of products in order to get the results you want


Now in walks Beauty Counter. When I was first approached by Beauty Counter to try out some of their products I must admit a couple of things. A) I had never heard of them B) As they said their products were all natural with no artificial ingredients added, I thought would these REALLY work? I am happy to admit I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving them.

First off the packaging is very minimalistic and pretty which I love (yes I’m that girl who is a sucker for pretty packaging). I was sent a range of product most of which I haven’t had the chance to fully incorporate into my routine yet, BUT the one I am now using on a daily basis and have totally fallen in love with is the Balancing Facial Oil.

I received this facial oil at the perfect time, it was just coming out of winter and my poor skin was in need of some much needed moisture and hydration. Just as a bit of background on my skin type. I would say I have what they call “normal” skin. It’s not overly dry and its definitely not oily. Coming out of winter my skin is for sure more dry than usual (as I’m sure you can all agree with), that winter wind and snow can be harsh harsh harsh on our faces, plus with using make up they sure do go through a lot.

Anyway the facial oil can be used on its own or by putting a few drops in your moisturiser and then applying to the face and neck which is how I have been using it. OH MY GOSH i have noticed such an improvement with the softness of my face since using it. No joke this stuff is insane. Its amazing because you only need just a couple of drops and teamed with your moisturiser will leave you feeling silky smooth but not oily. And that was something I was concerned with as this was really my first time using a facial oil, I didn’t want it to leave a greasy residue on my face or to cause me to break out. But this definitely doesn’t, it soaks right in and another reason I really love it is the smell. Ahhh it is so calming and the absolute perfect thing to take in before heading to bed. Its divine!

Now for my morning and night routines. Again I like to keep it short and sweet, there are plenty more products which both companies offer that I’m sure are incredible that you could add to the mix to get the results you want.


Morning Routine

  • Wash face with warm water
  • Towel dry
  • Apply Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – This is another product I have been using for just the last few months but it’s safe to say I am hooked. This balm is the perfect base to start my face routine off with and really sets the stage for the rest of my products. You just need to apply a light layer on your face, dabbing but not rubbing in fully. It gives you an instant lift and radiance that let’s face it, most of us need in the morning.
  • Apply Clarins Multi Active Yeux Eye Cream – This little tube of goodness is the awakening our tired eyes need in the morning. With a cold metal end it is so refreshing to apply under the eyes. Instantly lifting and brightening, helps with circles and bags and even those pesky wrinkles.
  • Apply Clarins Multi Active Day Cream All Skin Types – It’s so creamy and incredible you can instantly feel it doing your face good. Soaks in quickly.
  • Then you can go ahead and leave the house as is or apply your make up on top. Easy as that, you are out the door in 5 mins or less.





Night Routine

  • Wash face with warm water and apply One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with Orange Extract. I literally do this in the shower so its even less fuss and just rinse it off. Its amazing because its got almost little bead like things in it so it really gets in and cleans your make up off and washes away impurities without hurting your face or making it dry.
  • Towel dry
  • Mix a few drops of the Beauty Counter Balancing Oil  in with the Clarins Multi Active Night Cream Normal to Dry Skin. Apply to face and neck. Similar to the day cream its thick and luscious and will leave you feeling nourished and ready for a good night’s sleep while your skin sucks in all the goodness.
  • Have sweetdreams!





It’s as easy as that ladies! I hope you enjoyed coming behind the scenes and seeing my skincare routine. I would love to know if you have tried any of these products and how you found them. Or if there are any other phenomenal skincare items you think I should try, give me a holla.



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