C’s Dupe Item Of The Week – Cult Gaia Bag

C’s Dupe Item Of The Week – Cult Gaia Bag

Holla Babes!

Welcome to my second (well first real) edition of C’s Dupe Item Of The Week! Today I will be talking about this season’s “it” bag, the Cult Gaia Ark.

I’m sure you have seen it all over the internet, bloggers and fashionistas everywhere going crazy for it, even going as far as going on wait lists to get their hands on this beauty. Crazy huh! It’s a cute half moon shaped bag that comes in two sizes, small or large. The original colour was the “Natural” and was made from a bamboo.

cult gaia ark bag

Cult Gaia has since released several other colour choices in an acrylic material. Pink black, glitter, tortoise shell and more. The bag has been hugely successful for them.

I must admit after seeing this bag popping up everywhere I do love it, it’s a fun piece for the summer months and is small enough to take out as night or in the day but big enough to fit all the essentials in. It’s fun that its different from the usual bag you see people carrying and goes with plenty of different outfits. It is one of those statement pieces that can instantly give an outfit the lift it needs and is sure to be the talking point between you and your friends when you’re out and about.

However… I don’t love it enough to pay the hefty price tag for something that unfortunately may be a passing trend. It isn’t an everyday bag and I personally can’t justify spending that much on it. How much you ask?

Well the Natural isn’t as bad, the small retails for $162.40 CAD and the large $175.09 CAD. However the Acrylic is a little more pricey. The sizes for this one are “mini” and “small”. Mini retails for $352.71 CAD and small for $378.09 CAD. Then you have taxes on top of these. Mmmm sorry no can do. I’m all for investing in long term pieces but unfortunately not in a bag like this.

So I did some hunting around and found some absolutely gorgeous ones on Etsy. There are a few different stores that sell them, and I love Etsy because it’s “real” people. HAHA not that all businesses big or small aren’t real people but I do like supporting small businesses too as I know they get a big kick out of selling their products and it makes a difference to their life and I’m sure they are there doing a happy dance when they make a sale.

As yet I haven’t found a replica of the acrylic version but a few stores on Etsy have the bamboo versions. I like Amechlo – She has a gorgeous store that not only stocks the bamboo ark bag in black, natural and tea brown, but also has a lot of other stunning bags. Straw bags, baskets, woven items and more. Seriously you have to check this store out. Im obsessed! I also really like the wicker round bags, so cute to have an unusual shape.

As you can see below the bag looks exactly the same and pretty much is the same in size if you compare the measurements.

etsy bag

Need I say more?? If I haven’t convinced you yet that this dupe is on point then I give up haha. No you wont get the “brand” name but meh who cares. This beauty will still look and feel just as fabulous when carrying it around.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of C’s Dupe Item Of The Week… until next time, happy shopping!




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