C’s Dupe Item Of The Week – Gucci Mules

C’s Dupe Item Of The Week – Gucci Mules

Holla Babes!

Welcome to my third edition of C’s Dupe Item Of The Week! Today I will be talking about Gucci Mules and Slippers. Cause who doesn’t love a bit of Gucci baby?!

Last week on C’s Dupe Item Of The Week I shared the Cult Gaia Bag with you. You can check it out here if you missed it!

Mules, slides, slippers, whatever you want to call them, they are simply fabulous! I love a good Mule as they look chic and pull together any outfit so well. They are structured and sleek and still comfy as there is no back on them so you don’t have to worry about those pesky heel blisters. I have a gold pair and wear them ALL THE TIME and get so many comments every single time. I am currently on the hunt for some other colours to add to my collection.

Gucci are famous for their gorgeous Mules and Slippers. They have them in plain colours and then some. Fur, patterns, flowers you name it they have it. With a signature gold detail on the top of the shoe they ooze style.

As much as I would lurvvv to be able to stack my closet with authentic Gucci shoes, life just ain’t like that so I went on the hunt for some more affordable options and there is certainly no shortage of them. They look pretty damn close to the real thing and are a small portion of the price. The cheapest Gucci Mule starts at around $1,000 and goes upwards from there. The dupe’s I am going to share with you start as cheap as $30, can I get a HELL YES!


Gold // Palm Print // White // Black Flower // Pink Velvet Fur

Gold Studded // Silver Glitter // Black Fur


I did a post a while back on Mules but wanted to share this one also and just focus on the Gucci dupes. I hope you are now ready to go out and grab yourself one or ten pairs.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of C’s Dupe Item Of The Week… until next time, happy shopping!




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