Maxi Dress Picks

Maxi Dress Picks

I think it’s safe to say, Maxi Dresses are my go to staple item in the summer time! There is never a shortage of them in my closet!

They are so comfy, they are flattering, they are breezy and cool and you can twirl around all day long. Hello, what’s not to love??

Summer may be coming to an end here in North America but I am heading back home to Australia in a couple of weeks and we will be going into summer again there so will need plenty of these beauties to get me through the long, hot months.




Wear them on their own, throw a jacket over the top or a tee underneath and you can completely change up the look. Flats, wedges or some kicks and voila its a new look again.

Because every girl needs a maxi or two…or three or four or five I have rounded up my picks of the summer below.

Happy Shopping Babes!



Red Maxi // Floral Maxi // Polka Dot Maxi // Lemon Maxi  // Lace Maxi




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