Carry on Luggage – What to Pack!

Carry on Luggage – What to Pack!

Carry on luggage. I used to underestimate the importance of this small but mighty piece of baggage. I thought of it as one extra bag I had to lug around when travelling but have recently come to appreciate it so much more.

Over the last few years I have done my fair share of travel and with this I have become smarter at packing. Well ok lets be real for a second… when I say smarter I don’t mean not taking every outfit I own haha.. that may never change! But I have figured out how important taking essential items in your hand luggage is.

Why should you take hand luggage on your next flight? A few main reasons…Firstly the airlines lose bags wayyyyyy too often (and yes this has happened to me before) and its safe to have a few back up items just incase this happens, secondly especially on long hauls you want to be comfortable and have your favourite essentials at your finger tips. Who wants to wait until they land to freshen up? Not me thanks!

Ok so what to pack….the million dollar question. Everyone is a little different and has their own quirky things they like to have close by but below is my roundup of things you’ll always find in my carry on luggage and a little background on why.

Happy packing boos!




Travel Pillow // Hand Sanitizer // Vicks Vapo Rub // Vitamin E Face Mist // PJ Set

Nordstrom T Shirt // Socks // Dove Deodorant // Visine Eye Drops // Eos Lipbalm 

Dental Pack // Beats by Dre Headphones // Lace Trim Knickers // Kindle // Lifesavers


But why these items?

Travel Pillow – Don’t think this one needs too much explaining. If you have ever tried to sleep on a flight you will understand including this one. Your head flops to one side, you can’t get comfy, you wake up with an ache… no this pillow wont magically make you sleep for 12 hours on a flight but it will make it a little bit more comfy and is also great to put at the base of your back to sit on, or under your arm to make it a bit cushier.

Hand Sanitizer – Plane germs… ewwww! I am personally a germaphobe so this is a MUST for me. I must have it while travelling in general!

Vicks – This may seem like an odd one but hear me out. Have you ever been on a plane and felt like your nose was blocked, almost as if you are getting a cold? Well I have, and it’s no fun. Must be something about that fake plane air that makes you feel this way but Vicks will have you feeling normal in 2 seconds flat. And my pro tip with Vicks, is it’s also great if you will be staying in hotels as you tend to find the same thing with sleeping in hotels. The air is fake and with no windows to open it can leave you waking up feeling like you have a full blown flu. Vicks will solve all of this!

Vitamin E Face Mist – You are on a long haul flight and are feeling sleepy and frankly disgusting. A few spritzes of this on your face and you will instantly feel alive and refreshed. Perfect for a tired face, and also extra fab to use after applying your make up. This will help give that dewy, fresh look.

PJ Set – I mean c’mon I don’t think I need to justify this one! Don’t know about you but I have no shame in my game and when I’m flying for 12+ hours its all about that comfort! I won’t necessarily but on the whole set, usually just the pants with the top I’m already wearing. It makes sleeping so much better and who wants to be sucked into skinny jeans for that long?!

T – Shirt – This is more as a back up, just incase you are a messy child like me. If there is something to spill on myself I will find it and I will make a mess. Always good to have a spare top in case of emergencies or even in the event your suitcase is lost. Same goes for pants or skirts if you want to chuck a spare one in your hand luggage it’s never a bad idea.

Socks – Again just another little comfort I like to have on hand in case of lost bags but also to get cosy and snuggle up for some zzzz’s. Those plane’s can get chilly ya’ll!

Deodorant – Because we all want to stay fresh, am I right?! Especially as a touch up on stop overs or prior to landing.

Eye Drops – Yes I realise this post makes me seem like a walking pharmacy but eye drops are a savior while flying. Your eyes can get dry and red from that plane air and its nice to have some eye drops to freshen them up and stop you from feeling like your eyeballs may fall out of your head.

Lipbalm – To keep that pout looking and feeling luscious because the air up there always leaves you super dry and chapped.

Dental Pack – Perfect for freshening up before landing.

Headphones – A must for the obvious reasons of listening to music or watching a movie but the over the ear ones are also great for blocking out noise while trying to nap. Also some airlines don’t provide free headphones so it’s always handy to have your own.

Underwear – Nice to have some spare pairs to change throughout the flight or before landing. Also if your luggage does get lost you don’t want to be caught without fresh options.

Kindle or Ipad – Because nothing passes the hours like getting lost in a good book.

Lifesavers – To keep you minty fresh and help with that pressure on take off and landing.

Hope you found my tips helpful babes. Would love to hear your hand luggage must haves!








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  1. August 23, 2017 / 9:41 am

    These are great!! I definitely pack at least one outfit too just in case! Make up is definitely a must as well and my most important toiletries!

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