Engagement Party Outfits

For those of you that don’t know, I recently had my engagement party. I thought it was a good time to chat outfits for engagement parties incase you have your own coming up.

These outfits could most certainly apply to your shower or bachelorette party as well. Our party was more of a casual one so I wanted something comfy, and feminine but understated at the same time. It’s always a bonus if you can wear the outfit again and for me that is definitely the case, I know I’ll get plenty more use out of my maxi dress again.

Personally I wanted to wear white but you may prefer to wear some colour. I feel like there are so many white outfits out there these days you don’t have to limit yourself to the ‘bridal’ range. Chances are there will be something that fits the occasion at your favourite store or website.

Below are some of my picks that will have you looking bridal in time.




Lace Midi Dress // Cold Shoulder Midi Dress // Saylor Dress // Bell Sleeve Dress //

Embroidered Lace Dress // Long Sleeve Maxi Dress // Eye of Horus Dress //


Have you got your own engagement party coming up? 

Would love to hear about your outfit choice.



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