5 minute make up routine

5 minute make up routine

You know those days you wake up a little late & don’t have time for a full face of make up or simply just want to go with a lighter look? Today I am sharing my easy, 5 minute make up routine.

Often on the weekends I just like to give my skin a bit of a break and wear no make up at all or if I do wear some I prefer to keep it light. Light also means quick and easy…win win!

I have been on the hunt for a fab BB cream for some time now and have recently found one I LOVE so that is the base for this 5 minute look.

Step 1: Apply BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector  – I just put a little on my finger and apply under the eyes. This is the HOLY GRAIL for eyes, trust me on this!! For so long I had been un satisfied with my under eye concealer it just wasn’t doing the best job, my eyes were still left looking dull. This BECCA corrector really does what it says, it corrects those dark circles and wakes up the eyes. It really illuminates the eyes and is fabulous because like many other eye products it doesn’t go cakey or crease up. Whatever your make up routine you need need need to get your hands on this it will lift your whole look!

becca eye brightener


Step 2: Apply Bali Body BB Cream – I apply this with my fingers and just put on as I would a normal moisturiser, focusing a little more on any specific areas I want more coverage such as under my eyes or on my nose. What I love about this BB cream is it comes in 4 different shades so there is something for everyone, it has SPF in it so protects our face from the sun, is also a moisturiser so helps to hydrate throughout the day and it gives you a nice dewy, glow look.

Bali Body BB Cream


Step 3: Apply MAC Studio Fix Powder – I apply this with a powder brush and when putting on be sure to press it into the skin rather than sweep. This will help keep everything in place and make it sit better. This is my go to getting powder no matter if I am wearing BB cream or foundation. It just helps give a nice finish and keeps everything on for longer which is especially good in hot weather.

MAC Studio Fix Powder


Step 4: Apply Mascara, my current fave is L’oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll – I love this drugstore mascara as its not crazy expensive but gets the job done. It goes on smooth, doesn’t clump. The brush gets into all the lashes and it leaves you with a nice curl.

Baby Roll Mascara


And there you have it ladies, 5 minutes and you are out the door. A light make up look that will make you feel put together but effortlessly so! Enjoy!





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