Holiday Decor Guide

Holiday Decor Guide

Holla Babes! Gift Guide Number 3 is here, although I wouldn’t really call it a “Gift Guide” as such its Holiday Decor. But tis the season so lets call it a Gift Guide for your home haha.

As we are between houses at the moment unfortunately I don’t have Christmas Decor of my own to show you *sniff sniff* but what I do have is a roundup of amazing pieces for your home that will have you feeling festive in no time!

I think it’s always important to keep in mind when decorating for the holidays that you want it to somewhat keep with your usual decor style/theme. I mean obviously its Holiday Decor so you wouldn’t normally have a Christmas tree in your living room but in terms of the other pieces you put throughout your house you want them to fit in nicely and compliment your usual furniture etc rather than stick out in a bad way. Ya feel me?

Ok let’s get into it….

1: Merry Christmas Door Mat – Such a fun way to greet your guests! When it comes time for the holiday’s, simply switch out your regular doormat for this cutie.

2: Wreath – There are soooo many choices out there for wreaths but I LOVE this one because it’s simple and elegant. Hang it on your door or even inside the house.

3: Noel Sign – This would look super cute above the fireplace or on your entertainment unit. So rustic, I adore it!

4: Faux Gingerbread House – The kids will go crazy for this, hell I go crazy for it. Its such a fun way to bring Christmas into the house, and its not edible haha (damn).

5: Pine Cones in a Jar – One of my favourite ways to decorate my home for the Holidays is with pine cones. They are so rustic and you can scatter them everywhere. On tables, in jars, as centerpieces etc. This is a fun way to display them and its ready made so there is no effort required.

6: Kitchen Towels – We all need hand towels in our kitchen so why not get some fun themed ones like these for Christmas. And I really like the saying on these, cause we all know that the calories don’t count during the holidays :p

7: Garland – It is so versatile, my fave place to put it is on the mantle or under the TV, just drape it along loosely it looks so gorgeous. If you can score some real Garland, even better, the smell is THE BEST!

8: Festive Cushions – Again, something so simple and requires no effort but adding a few festive cushions to your sofa or chairs can make alllll the difference. And they fit in perfectly to your everyday decor. I love this plaid one!

9: Antler Stocking Hanger – If you need a stocking hanger you may as well have one this pretty! Frankly I would happily display this in my house all year round. It reminds me of cosy days at the lake house. This would look so gorgeous with all those pretty stockings hanging from it.

10: Candle Ring  – You don’t even need to buy new candles, just use your existing ones, buy a few of these colourful rings and place them around the base of your candle. They would make lovely centerpieces at your Christmas table!

11: Stocking – I mean, I don’t think this needs any explaining. Santa needs something to fill :p I love this one as you can personalise it for everyone in your family and the plaid ties in well with the other rustic pieces I chose.

Happy Decorating!


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