Self Acceptance & Self Love

Self Acceptance & Self Love

Self love is something I have been practising more and more because there is no greater investment you can make in life than the one you make in yourself!

New Year, New Me…. We have all said it at one point or another. As part of my New Year’s Goals I said to myself I would like to read more books and listen to more podcasts. Why?

Because in my opinion you never stop learning and there is always growing to be done and knowledge to be gained by listening to other people. Really listening to what they have to say can be so interesting and if you’re lucky you will have one or more take away points that you can apply to your own life.

After having it recommended several times I have begun listening to Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations. You can download them from the Podcast section of your iPhone or look them up online here . There are several different speakers, all telling their own stories or giving their own advice on all things life.

I still have a lot of shows to listen to but the ones I have already heard are life changing. It’s incredible how listening to someone speak in such a positive and uplifting way can resonate so much!

My most powerful take away was from Kris Carr’s Speech – 3 Things We All Need To Learn About Self Acceptance.

Self Acceptance is something I have working on practising a lot more lately. Why? Because why the hell not! We should always always be our own biggest cheerleaders because if we don’t believe in our own self worth then who will??? It is so important to remember your value no matter what is going on in life, be it good times or bad, especially during tough times its vital to remember that this too shall pass and know that you are stronger than what the universe is throwing your way.

I am absolutely loving the movement that is becoming more prominent recently in the world of body love, self love and just life love! It can be so easy in this crazy busy life to get caught up in the negative and what we don’t have, what our bodies don’t look like, what job we haven’t got blah blah but I am making a big effort to list 3 things I am grateful for each day and I’ve got to say I am loving it! It makes you feel so good to look on the bright side and count your blessings because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing!

It might not be big things you list each day, even small achievements or things you have done that are worth noting. Because really life is a series of small events that make up one big huge event that is our life. And life is here for the living because we only get one shot at it. So why not hold those you love a little tighter, be a little bit more grateful for what you have and work on yourself everyday to ensure you are living your best life!

With that being said along with gratitude about our life its so special to note gratitude for ourselves. For what we have achieved, what we are yet to achieve, what we are working towards, what we have endured, what our bodies do for us, how strong our minds are and how incredible the heart can be in loving and letting beautiful people into our worlds.

There is no greater love than the one you have for yourself. This isn’t selfish it is necessary! Being proud of yourself doesn’t mean you are full of yourself it means you can recognise just how wonderful you are. All those little things that other people may not see or may not have an opportunity to praise you for, you should praise yourself for them. Killed a project at work recently, well done! Done a workout today, well done! Practised an act of kindness on someone else, well done! Cooked a meal for your family, well done! Challenged yourself, well done! We are so busy looking out for others sometimes we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back. Well I am here to tell you, you are fabulous and you are doing amazingly and don’t give up! And most importantly


It is still absolutely ok to work on yourself, on your body, on your health, on your life, on your career, on your relationships while still loving who you are RIGHT NOW! Embrace who you are, learn to love every inch of your being and believe it! As I have gotten older I have really tried to embody this. You can not love anybody else until you love yourself first and believe in yourself. We only get one shot at life and who wants to spend it constantly wishing for something different, appreciate yourself just the way you are and don’t wait for life to pass you by.

I hope you can all practise some more self love because YOU DESERVE IT! 

Some of the quotes from the Kris Carr speech that hit me the hardest are below. Ones that I will be repeating to myself daily and I hope you will too.

“Accepting yourself isn’t about amputating your ambition its about owning your self worth”

“Accepting yourself is about having your own back and never abandoning yourself”

“Accepting yourself is about respecting yourself its about honouring who you are right now today in this moment not just who you could become somewhere down the line when we create a mythical better version of ourselves”

“When we seek from a place of wholeness of knowing that I am already a badass, already, I just want to create some more badassery in my life that’s when we grow in a sustainable life”

I will be continuing to listen to many more podcasts and will share with you any that I think you might like.

I would love to hear if you have any podcasts you have listened to that really resonated with you and also what you are grateful for today and something you are proud of or loving about yourself.

Big Hugs as always…




  1. Mike
    February 8, 2018 / 8:28 am

    Just beautiful! You certainly are worth it!

    • courtsxoxoblog
      February 8, 2018 / 8:31 am

      You’re my heart! Love YOU ❤️❤️

  2. February 11, 2018 / 7:48 am

    Sounds wonderful Courts, best of luck with it! Xx

    Kez |

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