Friday Five

Friday Five

I thought this would be a fun little weekly series to start. The Friday Five. Each week I will share 5 things I’m currently loving!

I’ll try to share something from five different categories. Lifestyle, Home, Food, Beauty and Fashion. I hope you enjoy following along and find some use out of the things I love and use in my daily life.

Diffuser – I got my diffuser from Dusk around Christmas time and I am hooked! I have always been a huge candle lover but this is just a nice way of getting those lovely scents through your home. Not only is it better value for money because you’ll have it forever. Although it is a little more costly to purchase initially it will never run out like a candle. And you can change up the scents as frequently as you want. I personally love to diffuse lavender oil as I find it so calming, is perfect to put on in the bedroom to help get a good nights rest and it’s also great if you suffer from headaches!

I am keen to know of some amazing oil blends so if you have a few you mix together that you love send them my way.

Aritzia Scarf – Here in Australia winter has started so I am going back to my trusty Aritzia blanket scarf. It’s 100% wool and so cozy. I have three of these and I’m not ashamed to say it because they are on constant rotation and have been for years now. I keep one draped over my chair at work, it’s perfect for those days when your office air is on too high and you feel the chill. I always take one with me when travelling they are perfect to use as blankets on the flight.

The Bar Counter Protein Bars – Have you ever eaten a protein bar that is bland and starchy. Tastes like cardboard?? I have!! And let me tell you these ones are nothing like that!! They are so dang scrumptious and come in a huge variety of flavours. I’ve been a fan for years and I always keep a few in my desk for when a sweet craving hits. They are low in calories and high in protein so perfect for keeping you full. Definitely better to reach for one of these than that chocolate bar but you’ll still feel satisfied afterwards.

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream – I had heard so so many blogger babes speak about their love for Olay products (namely the moisturiser) and I must admit I wondered if the hype was really real but indeed it is. Look I’m sure there are fancier products on the market that may be better for targeting specific issues but this has such a reasonable price point and is fab for travel if you don’t want to take your best products. I recently had face needling (which I’ll be doing a full blog post on later) but after the treatment it’s normal for your skin to be super super dry and my face was needing plenty of hydration and I found by lathering on this product it worked a great and my skin is back to normal now and feeling soft and smooth!

Goal Digger Podcast – I have shared this one on IG stories before but I’ve become even more hooked since then. I listen to the Goal Digger podcast every day on the way to work. It’s the perfect way to start my day, inspiring, motivating, uplifting. Jenna is so real and raw and talks about everything from growing your brand to fertility struggles to body image. Trust me when I say you need this girl in your life!



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