Face Rollers

Face Rollers

Face Rollers are life changing ya’ll and if you haven’t got your hands on one yet you MUST.

I had been wanting to try a face roller for a long time and I finally decided on a Rose Quartz one. To be honest there are so many on the market that promise to do different things it can get a little confusing.

I went with a Rose Quartz one because it’s pretty. Haha no not really but that does help right?! I decided on this one because of its benefits, a jade roller would have done similar things so that’s also an option if you prefer the jade.

There are a stack of other ones that have different features such as massaging beads on them or electric ones. I love the Rose Quartz one also because it’s super convenient and anyone can use it.

You can use your roller any time of the day but it will have the maximum benefit if you use it after applying your face creams and oils. It will help to really work the product into your skin and ensure you’re getting maximum hydration.

I keep my roller in the fridge so when using it on my skin it is so so soothing and relaxing!! As soon as I start rolling I feel instantly like I’ve been transported to a day spa. If it’s cold it will also help to “wake up” your tired skin if you are doing it in the morning.



It will help with lymphatic drainage. Increasing blood circulation and getting more oxygen deep into your skin which will encourage any toxins to come out.

It helps with stimulating collagen production which will help to give you that beautiful plump and healthy looking skin.

It helps reduce puffiness and dark circles especially under the eyes.

Improve skin tone.

Encourages skin cell rejuvenation.

Leave your skin naturally glowing and awake.


How to use:

Start rolling your face in an upward motion. Sort of upwards and outwards if that makes sense. I usually work in patches, do each side of my face and then my forehead and nose. Press fairly firmly when you roll and go over each area of the face about 2-3 times.

It’s important not to forget your neck and for the neck you’ll want to roll downward.

There is a smaller end to the Rose Quartz roller which is perfect for the under eye area.

You can do this process as many times a week as you like. I think you’ll be hooked soon enough like me.

I have linked some rollers below so you can get your hands on one and start rolling your way to youthful looking skin.




I would love to hear your face rolling thoughts. Have you tried it and what did you think?


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