Essentials For A New Baby

Essentials For A New Baby

Hi Babes! My gorgeous little girl is now 7.5 months old, SAY WHAT!! Can’t believe how time flies. I had actually intended to get this post up a long time ago but then, you know, mum life happened…. So its a bit overdue, but I’m actually glad I waited, as I’ve had a few months to actually get to really test out items and figure out what I think are the best ride or die items for a new bub.

This is probably more of a handy list for first time mum’s as if you already have one kid you likely have all the STUFF that comes with them and hopefully don’t need to go and spend too much more. Anyway this is just what I have found to be super helpful, things that have really made these first few months a lot easier. Motherhood is hard enough too navigate as it is, so at least having some things on hand to make things flow a little smoother will put your mind at ease. But you know what I also realised, you DON’T need to have the nursery and all the stuff organised before baby arrives, the world won’t end if you have forgotten something, that’s what home delivery is for. There were tons of things I thought I would need, and have never used and then also things I desperately needed that I didn’t have. So after baby girl arrived, I just ordered it and had it delivered or had someone go pick it up. Either way, you will get it all sorted.

Hope you find this list helpful! Let me know if you have any questions.

Owlet Sock – Yes I know this one is pricey but in my opinion it is SO WORTH IT!! We didn’t have this initially but got it once Bub moved into her crib in her own room. Initially she was sleeping in our room so I wasn’t too worried but when she moved out of there I had a lot of worry around it, although we have a monitor, when I was asleep I was stressing I would miss something. The Owlet gives you incredible peace of mind! Essentially it is a smart sock you put on their foot before they go to sleep (it goes under their closes if they have enclosed feet) and it monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you if they drop below normal and something is wrong. You have a base station in your room that will light up and sound to wake you and also an app on your phone. What is also so cool about the app is you can look at their sleep patterns and track it on a graph. This is the best piece of equipment we have purchased, it has made me feel so much more comfortable and at ease!

Steriliser – This is essential, baby’s have a lot of stuff that needs to be cleaned and even if you don’t bottle feed this comes in handy so much. You can put everything in there, once they start eating you can use it for cutlery, teethers, soothers, breast pump equipment. The list goes on. Throw it all in, turn it on and you have freshly cleaned and sanitised baby essentials.

Sophie The Giraffe Teething Toy – Obviously you don’t need to worry about teething straight away but it will come along quicker than you think. I have tried ALL the teething rings and this is by far the best. It’s such good quality and babies seem to love it. It’s not too hard or too soft. Doesn’t hurt that it’s cute too 🙂

White Noise Machine – Whoever made up the term “slept like a baby” clearly didn’t have a baby LOL. But a sound machine definitely helps! We have used ours since day 1 in the hospital and now bub knows it’s part of he routine and when she hears that machine come in it signals sleep time. There are so many different types available with different sounds. Personally we love the shhhhh sound, it’s what works for us but every baby is different. This goes on every nap and bed time. It helps with sleep association and also with blocking out some background noise in the house.

Love To Dream Swaddle – Again there are so many different swaddles on the market. We have found this one to be the best. It’s great quality, comes in several different sizes and thicknesses for different seasons, and you can get transitional ones for when it’s time for their arms to come out of the swaddle. We have about 6 now and again it just helps for baby to associate this with bed time, plus it’s safe and you don’t have to worry about blankets in the crib.

Diaper Caddy – This is fantastic for the house if you want to easily have something to grab and take into any room as you will hardly have any free hands ever. We keep ours in the car always and have it stocked with spare diapers, wipes, burp clothes, change of clothes, toys, soothers, etc. There have been so many times we have been caught out without our diaper bag but we have had this and it is beyond helpful!

Bottle Warmer – If you plan to bottle feed even just for top ups this is an absolute must. People said to us oh just boil some water and put bottle in a bowl with it to warm up. Nope, no thank you. Who has time for that?! And also doing it that way can cause inconsistency with the heat and you get some boiling hot parts and some cold parts. This is SO much easier, and bonus it has defrost setting for frozen things!

Leander Change Mat – You will need a change mat regardless and yes this one is a little pricey but I think it pays for itself. You don’t have to worry about having a cover for it and the washing that comes with that. It’s cushy, comfy, and can just be wiped down. Which trust me, will be happening frequently!!

Baby Night Light – It doesn’t have to be this one but this one is amazing that you can connect it to an app for convenience. This was an absolute god send to us during all those middle of the night feedings, especially when bub is still in your room. You don’t want to turn on the regular light as it will wake you, hubby and baby up. This is perfect as it’s just a very dim light, enough to feed and change a diaper.

Boppy Lounge Pillow – We didn’t have this initially but ordered it after baby arrived and I wish I had it sooner. It was so so convenient and we used it every single day when she was a newborn. Yes they will grow out of it eventually but you should get about 4 months out of it. It’s perfect for them to snooze in with you on the couch or floor if you need to put them down. They can’t roll yet so can’t get out of it. It’s comfy and props their head up a little bit. You can throw it in the car and take places if need me and easily move it around the house. Such a lifesaver!!



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